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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Comic Sunday #15: Lowriders in Space

Comic Sundays are an American newspaper tradition where new comic strips are published weekly. At Becoming Books this tradition will continue focusing on comic strips, comics and graphic novels appealing to young adult and adult audiences.

Story by Cathy Camper Illustrations by Raul The Third (Raul Gonzalez)
MG Fiction – Graphic Novel | 112 pages
November 4, 2014 // Chronicle Books
ARC copy provided by the publisher. – Opinions are my own, review policy here.

I picked this up at BEA and I'm hitting myself for not picking it up sooner!

Throwback and nostalgic sum this up for me. Drawing inspiration from school doodles with ballpoint pens. What the frames lack in color they make up for in charm and nostalgia. The ARC is in black and white but you can see some of the colored work in the book trailer below. Raul's art is expressive while playfully integrating Mexican-American culture beyond lowriders.

The story is quiet funny and a great look at lowerider culture. Some things that immediately sparked my interest were having a female mechanic, Lupe, and that Spanish is sprinkled in the dialogue a la Dora the Explorer style. Comics are dominated by superheroes and Asian influences so the subject matter and diversity is a welcome read. Excellent for middle graders and adults alike. I chuckled at the phrases and expressions that felt reflective of home.

To Pull or Not To Pull? What's a pull list?

Buy it! This is a graphic novel and it is now on sale. This is a great family read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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