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Be Our Guest! (reviewer)

Be Our Guest!

Who can be a guest reviewer?
Any resident of the U.S. over 13 years of age who have a Goodreads account with a review history.
Current owners of blogs are welcome to be guest reviewers. 

How do I become a guest reviewer?
All books available for review are listed at the bottom of this post. Request to review the book along with your mailing address via email to becomingbooksblog[at] Eligible requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

What do I get for being a guest reviewer?
All reviewers will get to keep the book they are sent free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

What are the requirements for writing my review?
Once you receive the book for review you will have 30 days to review and submit it via email. 
If you cannot finish the book in 30 days please email Becoming Books asap. Failure to communicate and/or submit the review may eliminate you from being an eligible reviewer in the future.

Reviews should contain a synopsis, thoughts and rating on a 5 star scale. Reviews will not be edited so make sure you check them twice! 

If you are a current blogger we ask that you link back to the post on the day it goes live versus creating a second post on your blog. See example here.

What happens after I submit my review?
After you submit your review the post will be scheduled for publishing. You will receive an email letting you know the date. 

Books Available for Review

Too many to list!
I attend most major book conferences including ALA and BEA.
If there's a book on your wish list that you'd like to review for the blog let me know and I'll try to snag it for you. 

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